Ingredientes de Coco

Los productos  de coco están en el corazón de nuestro negocio y con las conecciones muy fuertes que hemos creado con proveedores especialistas en el Lejano Oriente, estamos idealmente ubicados para ofrecer un portfolio completo de ingredientes de coco para todos los usos. Creemos que somos un negocio integral para todos los requisitos de coco.

Importando de las Philipinas, Indonesia, Malasia y Sri Lanka, obtenemos productos solamente de socios con los que podemos vistar y auditar frecuentemente para asegurarnos que los estándares sean mantenidos rigurosamente. Todos nuestros proveedores de coco han obtenido un certificado completo de BRC.

Durante los últimos 15 años, nuestro negocio ha crecido para llegar a ser el importador de coco y de ingredientes de coco más importantes en el Reino Unido, y uno de los más grandes en Europa. Estamos orgullosos de haber desarrollado un profundo conocimiento sobre el coco el que compartimos con nuestros clientes. 

Liquid Aseptic Milks and Creams are now hugely popular with demand coming from a wide range of users across the food industry. Fresh coconuts are processed within a maximum of 48 hours from harvest to give the best quality and aromas. Good product life, up to 15 months, allows for simple forward planning. Easy to handle 20kg packs and 200kg drums offer options for everyone’s needs.

Used extensively now in ready meal production, milks and creams are also popular in sauces and marinades as well as dips and dressings. Sizeable volumes are now used in the beverage industry too.

Fresh coconuts are de-shelled, and the flesh peeled before being pressed to produce the finest coconut extract. This is blended with water without the use of any emulsifiers or stabilisers to produce the highest quality coconut milks and coconut creams. Our ability to make long shelf life, no additive products highlights the skills and manufacturing prowess we possess in the industry.

The demand for coconut water has risen dramatically over the past few years, it has now become a staple in the beverage industry as well as a very useful ingredient to dilute the more expensive fruit juices and to also reduce the overall sugar content of 100% fruit juices.

Our coconut water is available in single strength as well as concentrated formats which are available, 200kg drums and 1 tonne fibre bins.

This is a very specialist coconut ingredient and we are proud to have developed a unique form that can be delivered to customers in a convenient format for handling and use in a manufacturing environment. Using a unique process, we form the product into evenly sized squares that are easy to weigh, are free flowing and melt evenly when used. This product can be the most cost-effective way of putting coconut fat (where the real taste lies) into both savoury and sweet products.

We have recently widened our offering by adding a range of products with varying texture giving customers choice over mouthfeel and consistency from ultra-smooth to coarse, and now even a coconut butter.  Sweetened and toasted options are available for ice cream, patisserie and confectionery applications.

We keep sizeable stocks of medium grade, fine grade as well as extra fine grade, which also can be sweetened or toasted. All are available in a range of 10kg or 25kg bags and are ideal for all types of bakery, cakes, biscuits, and now increasingly in savoury products too. This stalwart of the coconut range has been widely used for over 100 years and remains an ideal way to add flavour and texture to a wide range of dishes.

We now have available a milled coconut flour in a 20kg unit for use in both bakery as well as ethnic catering. We can supply a reduced fat coconut flour too that has recently shown to work in the world of gluten free baking as a wheat flour substitute.

We have a range of low-fat desiccated coconut products in fine, medium and mill blend formats.

We carry a range of chips in both raw and roasted formats and shreds and threads in both sweetened and unsweetened formats. These are ideal for specialist bakery, confectionery and breakfast cereal work. This is an area where high quality is an absolute essential. Our volumes indicate that we are the “go to” business for the UK and Continental major food manufacturers.

Spray dried powder is ideal for use in dips and dressings especially where there is no further heat treatment carried out. It’s a commercially sterile product that dissolves easily and adds a luxurious creamy coconut flavour.  Vegan coconut milk powder is a new item now listed in our range.

This wonderful innovation is set to become a firm favourite as it enhances the flavours and textures in dishes. Aseptic creams only add a mild aroma plus standard levels of creaminess; however, the puree has a richness that the aseptics do not have and it can significantly firm up consistency making the use of starches less necessary. It won’t be long before its use is widespread across manufacturers.

The advent of the availability of coconut sugar and its liquid version nectar (think of it as the golden syrup of the coconut sugar world) has meant that many manufacturers are considering its uses very carefully. The Low GI rating makes it a fantastic ingredient. Its use in ethnic cooking has been widespread for years but due to difficulties in the supply chain, manufacturers often use cane sugar. However, the importance of authenticity has pushed developers to use ingredients that are more closely associated with the origins of the cuisine. Both the sugar and the nectar have a rich and slightly caramel flavour which is especially appealing in desserts as well as savoury dishes.

The coconut and palm oil industries suffer from the problem of “mass balance” when it comes to supply, so supply chain management becomes intensely difficult. No-one really knows whose actual product has been supplied. Responding to the intense scrutiny in all supply chains, we are now able to offer a virgin oil that can be traced back fully to the original plantation without going through a central tank. Our high-grade coconut virgin oils come in both standard and organic forms and make ideal ingredients. Available from glass jars of 300ml up to steel drums of 200 Kgs.

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