Dried Fruits

Our Dried Fruit department searches worldwide to find the best quality fruits at the most competitive prices. We have developed great partnerships with quality growers who can offer the very best quality in Turkey, USA, Chile, Greece, Australia, South Africa and China. We travel everywhere to find the right ingredients for our customers and our suppliers can offer varying specification parameters including low or high moisture, low micro and pasteurised fruit, midget sized to jumbo sized berries as well as flavoured and infused fruits.

It is the sun-drying that makes a raisin. It is by far the most natural way to prepare a dried fruit and the process gives that wonderful purple tinge of the sugars caramelised in the sun. Nothing is added except sunshine. Our raisins are mostly produced using the famous Thompson White Seedless Grape, but we are now seeing other varieties gaining popularity such as the Chilean Flame variety which is a much larger grape giving a much bolder raisin.

All our raisins are gently washed, then dried before being thoroughly cleaned of all the stalks and stems. We offer varying specification parameters including low or high moisture, low micro and pasteurised fruit, midget sized to jumbo sized berries as well as flavoured and infused fruits.

Many clients find it hard to believe that sultanas are produced from the same grape as raisins but it’s the process that’s different. Growers have discovered that mother nature is not always kind so the risk of letting only the sun do the job is too great. To speed up the drying, fresh sultana grapes are dipped in a Potash solution that make microscopic holes in the skin of the grape letting the water in the grape more easily dissipate and speeding the drying process. If it rains during drying the crop can be easily spoiled by the ingress of mould. Controlling the drying is key to a great quality fruit.

We offer varying specification parameters including low or high moisture, low micro and pasteurised fruit, midget sized to jumbo sized berries as well as flavoured and infused fruits.

Greece has been the home of currants for many years, but we are seeing Australia and South Africa start to produce some very high quality and competitive fruit. There are even some larger Zante style currants coming from California. Currants provide a unique dried fruit experience and will remain popular in classic uses in the fruit cake and, of course, the ever loved “Eccles” Cake.

Deliciously golden and wonderfully sweet, the Turkish dried apricot remains extremely popular with a wide range of uses such as breakfast cereals, cakes, biscuits, snacking and decoration. There are copious uses in the world of savoury dishes too.

Only the highest quality will do as this type of ingredient is mixed straight into blends with no further cooking or cleaning. We achieve these high standards that are so critical. We can offer various chop sizes of diced product, paste, low or high moisture and even a specialist ‘cheese grade’ product.

There are a great number of banana chip suppliers in the Philippines, but sadly very few meet the necessary standards that UK and European manufacturers require. Due to our strong coconut connections in the Philippines we have been able to visit a wide range of producers to seek out the most suitable, who can also meet our high standards. We are regular suppliers to both the breakfast cereal producers as well as the snack manufacturers.

We have also seen a widening of interest in using banana chips for decoration and inclusion in cakes and biscuits. Available as whole slices, quarters or broken pieces in both sweetened and natural forms. They are packed in easy to use 15lbs or 8kg cartons.

Cranberries have added a new dimension to our range. This U.S. staple is beginning to become a firm favourite in the UK and Europe with its well-recognised sharp fruit flavour. A fabulous partner with cheese and classic seasonal dishes it is now becoming a year-round favourite. Available in both sugar infused and fruit juice infused, in whole, sliced and diced formats and even a specialist ‘cheese grade’ product.

The date processing industry has gone through considerable change and until very recently there was a stark choice between buying UK processed dates, that provided a truly clean and ready to use product, or to buy origin products processed in the Middle East where sadly standards were less than suitable for any diligent user.
Fortunately, the world has changed and our BRC accredited Turkish fruit supplier has installed a modern processing facility including the latest X-ray and laser technology so we can offer superb, ready to use chopped dates and date paste direct from origin. Our products are being regularly used in the most demanding parts of the food industry such as breakfast cereals and bakery. Available from stocks in easy to use 10kg cartons.

One of the more difficult fruits due to its susceptibility to internal moulds on drying but it remains popular with consumers. High quality manipulation of the fruit in specialist facilities are allowing fruit to be more reliable and robust. We stock whole dried figs and some sliced and diced.

World supply of prunes is changing radically with many origins reducing capacity as more profitable alternative crops push their way in. In California, many plum orchards are being replaced with almonds giving the farmers far higher incomes. The USA are now importing prunes to meet domestic demand so quantities for export have dived.

We are fortunate to have a great partner in Chile where prune production is expanding to fill the hole left by the reduction in California. European supply is barely enough to meet domestic demands, so options are limited. Chilean quality is excellent for all types of use and we offer a variety of sizes.

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