Cranberry Market Report – October 2020

Early reports suggest that the top cranberry producing state, Wisconsin, where our supplier is located, anticipate a harvest of 5.56 million fruit barrels this fall. This volume is due to be part of a harvest of approximately 9 million barrels of cranberries, which these early reports hint would be up 13% from 2019’s poor crop.

The cranberry harvest is now in full swing and indicators are that the initial early crop estimates may have been overly optimistic. We are now hearing reports that this year’s yield is expected to be up, but closer to 10% on last year. This volume remains down, approximately 15%, from an average harvest year of one billion pounds.

Despite two poor consecutive crop years and the COVID-19 pandemic, the American cranberry industry has seen demand increase in 2020, particularly in the domestic market for in-home purchases. Many growers are withholding fruit, and raw material pricing is anticipated to rise somewhere in the region of 15-20% above last year, thus translating to higher dried fruit market pricing. 

Even with increased pricing and cost pressure challenges, here at First Grade we continue to be able to offer competitive pricing. We work consistently and diligently to secure supply for our customers with fruits that are first grade.

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