Cocoa & Chocolate

This division of our business has been one of the most dynamic recently with huge growth across all areas. Whilst we have had a special long-term arrangement with Cadbury for a limited range of powders and specialist chocolate products, our growth has come from our alignment with a high-quality powder processor in Spain. Access to their wide range of powders has fast-tracked our growth supplying a wide range of food processors with their own specialised needs.

Cocoa powders have wide uses across the food industry from simple colouring to adding exquisite aromas and flavours. Chocolate is a worldwide favourite but the current fashions for more origin specific products and higher cocoa solids material means that variety is vital. We carry a range of stock powders as well as ready access to a comprehensive range of specialist powders that are both natural and alkalised.

We have recently expanded this department to offer supplies of both Cocoa Butter and Liquor. Historically, these have been used in desserts and chocolate manufacturing. However, the use of these items is expanding into areas such as cosmetics and we want our customers to enjoy wider choices.

With direct access to some of the world’s largest chocolate producers we are now widening our offering to include both couverture (real chocolate) as well as compounds (made with cocoa powder mixed with vegetable fats). Not only in blocks formats but also melting drops and a range of inclusions used in baking goods and chocolate manufacturing. We welcome enquiries across these ranges.

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